Is there any way to use Facetime on a Windows PC?


Can I use a version of Facetime for Windows, or does it only work with Macs? I like it better than Skype.

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Not at the moment, but you never know. Apple has a version of iTunes for Windows, so perhaps they will release one later on.

In the meantime, try Skype, Yahoo Messenger or iMovicha.

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No, Apple keeps Facetime “in the family” so you can’t use it with PCs. One reason I prefer Skype is that even though it is owned by Microsoft, it embraces cross platform use. I guess it appeals more to my egalitarian liberal nature.

Christopher Nerney
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Apple has not released a Facetime for Windows, though there has been speculation that Cupertino eventually will provide a Windows-based version.

Akshay Garg
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Hi !

Facetime is an app only for apple devices and it cant be used on windows. But i think that if there is a version of itunes for windows there will be soon a version of facetime also for windows. You cant install facetime on any version of windows. 

Thanks :)

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