Is there a way to run IOS apps on Windows? Or on a Mac?


Is there any way to run apps from an iPhone or iPad on a PC? What about Macs? This seems like a silly oversight.

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You might want to check out iEmu, though it's very early in the development of the project.


To get the iOS booting in QEMU on the different hardware platforms (iphone,ipod,ipad etc)"

Here's a background article:

iEmu wants to emulate iOS apps on Android, Windows, and Linux

"Ever wished you could run your favorite iOS app on your Mac? What about your Windows machine or Android device? If creators of new Kickstarter project iEmu reach their funding goals, it may be possible sooner than you think.

iEmu is a new project based on the open-source QEMU emulator, currently accepting donations through Kickstarter, that aims to emulate the S5L8930 chipset used in iPhone 4 and first-gen iPads. It will support a number of platforms including “Linux, Windows, Mac, mobile platforms such as Android, and even on iOS itself”.

The goals of iEmu? Well the end goal is an emulator capable of running “most iPad/iPhone apps” that even supports peripherals like the compass, accelerometer, and GPS. It would also “be extended with plugins for custom iOS exploration” and able to be reflashed in iTunes."

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Since IOS apps are developed on the Mac, you can probably run them in an emulator if you have a developer's account. To my knowledge you can't run them natively on the PC or outside of an emulator because the iPad uses custom ARM chips, not X86/X64 Intel / AMD cpu's.

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How to run iOS apps on PC with iPadian

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Sure! Using ios apps on Windows PC is very much possible. I came across a webpage which talked about that.



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Yes, it is possible, you can play iPhone apps on PC, and one option available is to use software named iPadian. It works like Bluestacks, the only difference is that it is used as an emulator to run iPhone apps on your pc. 


source :

Whitney Richtmyer

um, not really.  ipadian is a SIMULATOR, not an emulator. there is a substantial difference and even the company admits their program is not an emulator.  that contrast with blue stacks mentioned above which is an emulator for android of course.  I Padian requires developers to translate the iOS apps into a usable format before it can run them.  thus only apps that have been specially modified by their staff or others will work with the program.  The apps that have been so modified work great with no lag and very seamlessly but if it was an emulator you wouldn't have to worry about waiting for them to make the translation of only a very tiny percentage of apps.  with the blue stacks for android you can simply choose any android app and not have to worry about a pre-translation done first

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