What are some good choices for blogging software other than WordPress?


I've used WordPress for a while, but never really loved it. It is pretty simple to use, but I find some things about the content management system to be clunky, and it seems like I see the same basic WordPress look everywhere I go. My main beef with Wordpress is that it seems to be a magnet like nothing else for spam spiders.

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Christopher Nerney
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I doubt you're going to find another blogging platform that will make you much happier than WordPress. It's still consistently rated at the top.


That being said, you might prefer Typepad, Squarespace, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Posterous or Habari. Lifehacker has a brief rundown on several blogging platforms.



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7 Awesome Alternatives to WordPress as a Blogging Platform

"WordPress is a very popular blogging platform that runs millions of blogs. But, what if it doesn’t meet your needs? Just because tons of people use it doesn’t mean it will be right for you. Here are 7 solutions to help you find your own advanced blogging solution. These CMS’s (Content Management Systems) will offer you a lot of options and features – but it’s important to weigh pro’s and con’s when choosing the right system. Most of these work in the same manner; you’ll have to download and upload the files to your server (some need a database to work), and then go through an install and configure the system. Later, there should be some kind of extensions you’ll be able to add – such as themes, plugins, modules, sections – and a lot more."

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I hear you on the spam thing.  WordPress attracts it like crazy. Other than that, it is pretty good. Anyway, the first alternative that comes to mind is Blogger, and you can jump right in if you already have a gmail account. If you are looking to host it on your own server, the two choice that I would look at are Joombla! and Movable Type. Joombla is good, but it can ask a lot of you - it does reward your efforts however, and lets you ramp up the complexity to what ever level you want out of it. Movable Type has been around forever. It is probably the most powerful blogging software, and is aimed a bit more at power users. It rewards those who take the time to learn how to fully utilize it. 

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