What browser do you choose for work, and why did you choose it?


Let me get my slight bias out of the way - I'm a Firefox user. At this point, it is more out of habit than deep devotion, and I'm willing to change. There was a time when I thought other browsers were inferior choices. I'm not including Safari in this statement, btw, since I've never used it. I'm mostly thinking of IE and Opera. IE always seemed slow and prone to exploits, while websites were almost never optimized for Opera. Should I consider changing to an alternative browser? What do other less "casual" users decided on for browsers, and why was it chosen?

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I still have Firefox available on my computers, but I've switched to Chrome for the most part. It's faster and doesn't seem to have memory problems like Firefox has had. I also like the Chrome interface.

I still keep Firefox around though. It's a fine browser but Chrome just edges it out a bit for me. Your mileage may vary though. I say give Chrome a shot and see how you like it, but keep Firefox around just in case you want to switch back.

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I used to use Firefox exclusively, but I've switched to Chrome.  As much as I hate to take off my little tinfoil hat and give one company my email, VoIP, documents, photographs and web browsing history, I find myself doing it more and more with Google.  The main reason that I left Firefox for Chrome was speed.  Secondarily, the amount of memory leaks with Firefox seemed to be getting worse and worse, especially with many of the extensions/applications.  I haven't had many problems with Chrome since I started using it either, so it accomplished the browser trifecta for me: speed, less memory leakage and stability. 


You might want to check out the "Web Browser Grand Prix" on tom's hardware for hard data on Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/firefox-7-web-browser,3037.html It is an interesting article that benchmarks the top 5 web browsers flash performance, HTML5 performance, page load times and so on.  


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I choose Mozila Firfox, It's Good for professional work because their too many ad-ons available. Chrome also Good but firfox is the best.




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