What's the best way to merge 2 email accounts?


My company has recently made some cutbacks, and we'd like to merge 2 email accounts together, as one of our workers has taken on new responsibilities. Any suggestions for merging the 2 accounts in Exchange 2008? Will the user be able to select which account is sending a message?

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There are a bunch of ways to do this. As far as existing message go, you may want to make a PST file and save it as a backup. Then you can import the PST into the main Exchange account, so that the user has a history of all sent messages. Then set the secondary email account to forward messages to the primary account, so that the user just has to watch a single inbox. The user will be able to send messages from either account, using a pulldown menu to select which address the email is coming from.

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If you want to merge 2 gmail accounts then you can follow the steps mention in this tutorial

How to combine multiple gmail accounts , the tutorial is explained with screenshots to make it easier for people to understand.

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