Why is Oracle pushing Jigsaw as a modularity system on Java when OSGi already exists?


We already have OSGi in wide use, and most people I know are pleased with it. With OSGi already widely accepted, why is Oracle pushing something that could potentially conflict with OSGi implementations?

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Oracle tends to do what is in Oracle's business interest(s). So I suspect they've thought this through carefully and it's part of a larger strategy to do what they feel is necessary. Is it right? Is it good? Since when have either of those things really mattered to Oracle?

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I think the fact that OSGi is developed by its membership and is free might have something to do with it.  Oracle has been in charge of Java for what, 2 years now, and they are a for-profit company (as was Sun).  That is a different mission focus than the OSGi Alliance.  To be fair to Oracle, they have a huge burden by taking on Java, which is pretty much ubiquitous.  Anytime you make changes to something that people have become accustomed to, like Java, you are going to make some of those folks unhappy.  I will be surprised if Jigsaw isn't compatable with OSGi, since that is at this point the de facto standard. 

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