How can I recover data from a damaged SD card?


I have an SD card that stopped being recognized. I tried it on 2 different laptops to make sure it wasn’t a problem with the card reader. The card isn’t obviously damaged, but I can’t see or access the contents. Is there a way to try to get the data that was on the card?

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This article might help.

6 data recovery tools for SD cards, USB drives and more

"As USB thumb drives and memory cards get larger and cheaper, it's getting easier to trust much more of your data to them. It's also much easier to mistakenly erase data or have them hiccup on you. And if you're in the habit of holding on to that data for too long -- for example, not transferring photos from your camera's memory card -- disaster is almost guaranteed to strike at some point. What happens then?

While there's no end of data recovery software packages out there, most of them are primarily designed to reclaim data from system drives. In this roundup, I look at the following six packages in terms of how well they recover data from mobile storage such as flash drives and memory cards: CardRecovery, PhotoRec, Recover My Files, Recuva, Remo Recover and Undelete 360."

Leason James
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Maybe your sd card is corrupted, that's why you can't read any data on it. There are many data recovery software available to recover data from formatted or corrupted SD card.

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May be some virus have in your SD card, so if you have any premium antivirus, first of all scan the card. After that if the problem still have, you need the help of an expert.

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For recovering files like photos, video and mp3 fro your corrupted SD card you need a third party SD card recovery tool. Such SD card recovery tool uses the advance scanning techniques to recover data from your deleted, corrupted or damged SD card.

Jack Catel

I was having the same problem, accidentally lost photos from my memory card, then I found this tool at here  :  Such software, uses the very advance scanning methods to recover data from your lost  or damged SD card.

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