Can callers tell the difference if you are using a VoIP system?


We are considering switching to a VoIP telephone system, but I have some concerns about voice call quality. I was wondering if anyone who had made the switch could tell me if they or their callers notice the difference between VoIP calls and those over traditional PBX? Thanks.

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Depends. I’ve used two VoIP systems where I could tell a BIG difference. Not all the time, admittedly, but at times there would be a noticeable echo or delay, and sometimes there was clipping. This could be very annoying. I don’t think the problem was VoIP really, I think the problem was an inadequate network with either insufficient bandwidth or high latency. I’ve also used a VoIP system that was crystal clear and could have been the poster child for VoIP being awesome. That system was at a business owned by an acquaintance of mine that I’ve known for a long time, and is the kind of guy that disassembled the entire front suspension on an old Saab because a rubber bushing was making an occasional squeak, so I’m pretty sure he made certain that he had the network to support VoIP before making the switch. 

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I think it very much depends on the VoIP system you use or they use. Some will be better than others, so it's quite a variable.

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