Is Google Voice viable as a tool for unified communications on the cheap in a small business?


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I think it could potentially work pretty well for a small business, although I’m not sure if google has any restrictions in place for something other than personal use, which is the way I personally utilize Voice.  If a small business means just you, or perhaps one or two other people, it probably wouldn’t present a problem.  More than that and it might be too difficult to control telephone traffic coming into voice and making sure the voicemail/transcript went to the right person.  You would have to establish a new telephone number as a dedicated google voice number, and google will let you choose that number, but you would have to either notify customers, clients, etc. of the new number or forward calls to an existing number to it.  When a call comes in to the google voice number you can have it ring on your computer if you use it for voice communication, and at the same time ring your smartphone or land-line.  If you don’t answer and the caller leaves a voice mail, it will be transcribed for you to retrieve online at the google voice website as well as sent to you via email.  In my experience the transcriptions are usually good enough to tell you what the caller said, but that depends on how clearly the caller speaks, and some messages look more like your cat just sat on your keyboard than actual words.  In that case, you can just click the play button below the transcribed message and hear the original voice mail.  

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Hi SilverHawk,

I suspect that it's going to depend on the needs of the specific business. However, here's a review of Google Voice that may help answer your question.

Google Voice Review

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