Has anyone ever seen software TOS that requires shareholder restrictions?

I recently saw an upgdate to a the TOS of a popular metrics package that stated I cannot access the software if I was a "shareholder" of any of their competitors. How is that supposed to work? I'm required to use the software for my job. Now our vendor tells me I have to sell stock?

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Agreed. Time to out that vendor ...

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Agreed. Time to out that vendor ...

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Wow, just when I thought I'd heard it all about ToS and ToAs, this comes along. This, this is a new one to me.  I think this sets a new level for BS in a ToS. I think I'd bring this to the attention of my CIO/CFO/CEO and ask if we could swtich to another product... any other product!


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How very odd, I never heard of such a thing either. I'd dump the vendor ASAP if at all possible. Seems rather outrageous to me. If there's replacement software available, I'd start looking it over and seeing if it will work for your company. I doubt very much competitive software packages also have such a bizarre restriction.

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