How can abusive trolls on Twitter be stopped?


One of the saddest things about Robin Williams death, aside from the event itself, was how horrible some people trolled his daughter on Twitter afterwards. I really feel for Zelda Williams; I can’t even imagine what type of person would take to Twitter to troll a young woman about the death of her father to the point that she left the service. Obviously I don’t blame Twitter for what other people do, but at the same time, they really need to do something about the trolls or they are going to lose more people and it’s going to end up being a bunch of bots tweeting back and forth. How should Twitter address this issue?

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There was an interesting article in The Atlantic on this topic. Basically, Twitter makes it easy to open an account and difficult to report spam or harassment. The company needs to streamline the abuse reporting and response process. The difficulty is balancing between responding effectively to harassment without stifling unpopular speech.   

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I don't think they can do much about it. There are too many users on Twitter for them to police it directly unless users report the tweets.

However, you can do what I did: cancel your Twitter account. I got rid of mine a while back (along with Fakebook) and I've never been happier. Once you stop social media from polluting your mind and wasting your time you feel a lot better.

Here's a link to a page that shows you how to get rid of your Twitter account:

And here's one for Fakebook:

Let the vile sea of social media sludge roll on without you. It's a waste of your time, energy and attention.

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