How to make free VoIP calls on Android phones after May 15?


I used to use GrooVeIP all the time to make calls over WiFi, but the app used Google Voice and apparently Google is implementing changes that will prevent it from working after May 15, 2014. It’s not that big of a deal for me, but one of my buddies is between jobs right now, and based on my recommendation he uses GrooVeIP as his only telephone. He probably couldn't even get a new cell contract at the moment without a job. Is there anything he can do to continue to use his Android phone for data and voice over WiFi without a contract after May 15?

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Details are missing, but apparently they are either in talks with or have secured another service to keep VoIP service up. I’m glad, I have this app on my wifi only Android tablet, and while I don’t use it very often, it is handy when I don’t have my phone on me and need to make a quick call. Plus, there are a lot of people that have tight finances, and I love the fact that you can still have a functional phone without a contract with a cellular carrier. I hope other similar apps find a way to keep working too.

Here is the link to the GrooveIP app on Play. There is a comment near the top of the app description about the new VoIP service provider.

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Number 6 seems to have the best answer for this, good luck with it.

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