Is there any chance that cable providers will offer UC solutions?


Since cable providers control the pipe going into your home or business, and already offer video, telephone service, and internet, what's to stop them from offering Unified Communications solutions, especially to small businesses? Is there any way they might use this as a value-add?

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Funny that you ask that. Today Comcast announced an agreement to provide Skype services to their customers.

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I hate to answer a question with a question, but it's rhetorical: would you trust your cable guy with your company's unified communications system? Sure, if they give you the router then they're providing not only  your internet connection but also your firewall and in some cases, antivirus software as well. But cable to the office is a fairly new transition - most cable businesses focus on addressing consumer needs, so they're often not prepared to provide the higher uptime and quality of service that businesses demand. I guess I can see the transition from a perspective of internet + voice communications will eventually become a UC system, but as unified communications appeals more to businesses than to the consumer space, I would guess that there are not a bunch of home users clamoring for UC.

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