What features tend to push a small company to Unified Communications?


I'm a small business and exploring various options. Looking for thoughts on features to look at.

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James Gaskin
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Better communications, particularly when employees are located in more than one office. Having one place to go for all messages reduces confusion and saves time, although many vendors turn that into incredible productivity gains based on saving a few minutes per communication. Regard those claims with suspicion until you verity they will help your business in the way your employees go about their day.


Tying mobile communications into your office phone system does make sense. Some companies are going away from desk phones, especially for mobile employees like field service and sales. Those groups live on their cell phones, and automatically routing calls to their cell as easily as routing to an extension in the office makes good sense and saves the cost of the desk phone.


The "Find Me – Follow Me" features route calls to wherever an employee may be, whether at a desk in the office, working at home, or out in the field. Connecting with others via IM or videoconferencing proves valuable for many companies. If you run a call center of some type, UC will help manage, monitor, and program outgoing calls and route incoming ones. And by combining communications carriers, such as telephone, email, and fax, into one system, companies can save money.


When thinking of moving to UC, make a list of your communication needs before you start talking to vendors. Remote offices an issue? Mobile employees? Shared whiteboards with the ability to support multiple editors at once? Get your feature list set, based on areas in your business that can be improved by better communications, then go shopping.

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Hi cloverfield,

You might want to browse this excellent background article on Unified Communications:


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Hi cloverfield,

You might want to browse this excellent background article on Unified Communications:


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