How does virtualization save businesses money?


It is realistic to expect a direct cost savings through virtualization, or are other benefits the main draw?

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4 reasons "virtualization" saves money

"1. Add another business application or database without increasing the number of physical hardware servers you have to worry about.

2. Cut back on energy consumption and technology maintenance costs.

3. Enhance your disaster recovery plan.

4. Stretch your technology budget."

Christopher Nerney
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It is realistic to expect cost savings through virtualization, particularly hardware and energy expenditures.


But there also are other benefits. Among them are simplified IT management, improved business continuity and disaster recovery, and faster response time. 



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Citrix has updated its virtual desktop and appliance software with a goal of alleviating one of the biggest problems that come with a VDI deployment: Storage.
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Viewing the data center as the focal point of an ambitious set of technology initiatives, federal CIOs are working aggressively to slash server counts and consolidate facilities as they position their agencies to adopt cloud applications, roll out mobile technologies and support big data projects.
Big Switch Networks this week is unveiling an SDN controller designed to bring Google-like hyperscale networking to enterprises.

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