How can I play DVDs from other regions on my Windows PC?


I'm a fan of anime and have quite a few dvds of it, some of which a buddy of mine in the marines got for me when he was stationed in Japan. I have a desktop at home running Windows 7. When I tried to watch them on my desktop, Media Player would tell me they are region locked and that I needed to switch to region 2. Ok, no biggie. I just entered the region in the pop up and watched the DVD. Simple. However, after I did this to watch 2 different DVDs it won't let me switch anymore. What's up with that, and how can I watch the Japanese DVDs on my desktop now?

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Media Player only allows you to switch regions a few times, and you must have exceeded your allotment.   Even if you uninstall/reinstall, it won't allow you to do it again.  If you want to watch those Japanese DVDs on your PC, you basically have three options.  You could flash the firmware for the DVD drive, but I think that would cause the same problem for your region 1 DVDs.  There are some software solutions out there, but I haven't tried most of them myself (I'm sure a helpful spammer will come along hawking their wares shortly). VLC Player will actually play other region DVDs sometimes, and sometimes not.  It might be worth a shot.  You can install a second DVD reader and SATA cable and use it exclusively for Region 2 DVDs, which is probably the best option and should cost about what one of those import DVDs is worth.  I would go with the second drive option after giving VLC a try.


BTW, I highly recommend Sgt. Frog if you haven't seen it already.  It's the funniest anime I've seen in a long time, and kid friendly so you can watch it with anyone.  Samurai Champloo is also really good, but not kid friendly.        

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This software might help:

DVD Region Killer

"DVD Region Killer is a simple, small and easy-to-use software application that enables you to play DVD titles made for different regions on your PC, without the hassle to switch the region of your Windows operating system and / or the region of your DVD player software back and forth.

DVD Region Killer can reside unobtrusively in your system tray and you can access it easily only when you need it."

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