How to fix a stuck Windows Update?

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Windows Update always gets stuck at 13%, fails to install updates or rolls back on the next reboot.

This is one of 12 of the worst Windows 8 problems. What should you do?

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You aren't alone, apparently. See that thread for helpful information.

Sandro Villinger
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I thought that Windows Update problems are a thing of the past, as they were quite a widespread source of complaints even in Windows 7. Guess what, they’re still alive and kicking in Windows 8. The forums are being overrun by users complaining about update-related problems and, yes, there are a lot of solutions for a lot of issues.


Here are the top workarounds and troubleshooting steps:


- Did you install KB277143? It’s an update to Windows Update! Usually it gets served automatically and will be installed upon a reboot. However, if your PC is stuck at a previous update, KB277143 may never get installed at all. So this is why you should go to “Windows Update” (Control Panel, “System and Security”), uncheck all other updates and make sure that KB277143 is the only scheduled update and install it.


- Disable all 3rd party services: Fire up “msconfig”, check “Selective startup” and uncheck “Load system services” and “Load startup items”. This’ll make sure that no 3rd party services and startup applications interfere with Windows Update.


- Run the FixIt! Solution: Microsoft developed its own fix, which will reset Windows Update components back to default. Get it here:

Good luck!



rony paul

Hey i have faced the same problem but i resolved the problem with the help of this link.
rony paul

Hey i have faced the same problem but i resolved the problem with the help of this link.
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I faced the same problem and I got solution from:

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