How to remove Adware Ads

Emily Smith

I don't know why, but their are lots of Pop-Ups Ads in my Chrome browser. I think they are Adware Ads (read somewhere) , but don't know how to remove them. Can any one help me out? Thanks.

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Gaurav Kushwaha
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Hi Emily, the problem you are facing is quite simple. This type of Pop-Ups adds are mostly run by advertising companies to promote their business.

Their are two steps to remove it:

1. First of all findout whether Adware Ads are installed in your computer or it is installed in your browser as a exetnsion.

If it is installed it in your browser then just remove all your extensions, it will get removed.

If it is installed in your computer, then you can remove it by uninstalling, for that you have to find the name of your Adware Ads. To find the name just see at the bottom of your Ad will find the name.

Most common Adware Ads are Offerwizards, savepass, etc. If you are having any of this Ads or different Ad name, let me know I will tell you how to remove it.



Emily Smith

yaa Gaurav, I just followed as you told, and I am having Offerwizard Adware Ads. Please tell how to remove it.?
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This article might be of help:

Ads by OffersWizard (Removal Guide)

Gaurav Kushwaha
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Ok then, inorder to remove "Offerwizards" Adware Ads, just goto Start->Control Panel->Programs and Features.

Their search or find the Program named "Offerwizards" and uninstall it.


If you still have any problem or not getting how to remove, then you can read this post for all steps to remove Adware Ads:

Emily Smith

Thanks a lot Gaurav, that link helped me a lot, to remove those annoying Adware Ads.
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Have you tried the AdBlock extension for Chrome? It’s pretty effective at stopping pop-ups. I do suggest disabling it on websites that you like and frequent so that those websites can generate some revenue and stay in business. After you install it, an icon for the AdBlock extension will be in the toolbar to the right of the omnibox, and if you click on it when you are on a website that you want to support you will see options to not run it on that page or domain. 

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