What are the advantages/disadvantages of apps versus desktop programs in Windows 8?


With Windows 8, there are sometimes two versions of software - an “app” version, and a “desktop program” version. What’s the difference between the two, and is one superior?

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I honestly don’t see a lot of advantages or disadvantages of one versus the other for the end user. There are a couple of things that are marginally useful that you can do with apps but not desktop programs in Windows 8. Apps can be pinned and snapped, which is nice, but certainly not vital. 


The main advantage of apps is that it unifies the Windows experience and give a consistent look and feel across platforms. I do like this, but again, it falls into the nice but not vital category. If you are using a Windows 8 machine with a touchscreen, though, this is more important. 


This article talks about Windows app development, you might find it of interest. 


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The Difference between Modern and Desktop Apps in Windows 8

"The Windows 8 operating system experience is broken down into two basic application features. The first is the traditional desktop-based application, where the app runs the same as what you’re used to from Windows 7 and earlier. The second option, however, is completely different from what the OS has offered in the past and is known as Modern, formerly called Metro.

Modern apps appear as tiles on the Start Screen of Windows 8 ,and an individual has to only click or tap one of the tiles in order to launch the service. So far, individuals have been a bit slower to take advantage of these features, though. Statistically, only 1.4 Modern applications are launched per day on a desktop computer. The more portable the device, the more often an individual is prone to launch a Modern application, though, as a laptop user opens such apps 1.51 times a day, a touchscreen laptop user opens one up 2.22 times a day and a tablet user opens a new Modern application 2.71 times a day. "

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