Why did Microsoft change its logo, and how do you like it?


How do you like Microsoft's new corporate logo?  It is weird to see a corporate logo change, especially one that I have looked at daily for pretty much my entire adult life when I've started up my PC.  I mean, think about Coke changing it's logo, or Ford.  It would be weird, at least to me.  Why did Microsoft change the logo they have used for 25 odd years?  What's the point, and are people even going to notice?      

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I think it stinks, frankly. There's nothing particularly interesting or memorable about it. It's as bland as a lot of Microsoft's products. Why did they change it? Probably to try and add a bit of pizazz to keep up with Google and other companies. If that's the case then they failed completely.

Back to the drawing board, Microsoft.

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well exactly thats the point ..  their is nothing exciting about the design nor will it be able to attaract attention either of old or of the potential customers ... why than it decided to involve in such a huge investment of changing logo when it has the desired customer base and the acceptence of older logo was quite huge.. the only point that would substantiate is, they wanted to fit in to what the competitiors were doing and what the thought would attract youth i.e the added colours..

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It's a pretty minor change, and I think they changed it to look like their new "Metro" design, or whatever it is they are calling it these days.  I'd wager than most people won't even notice that it is different, since they just took the old "waving flag" logo and squared it off so that it looks like tiles in Windows 8.  I would love to know how much it cost Microsoft to make the change.  Just think of all the little things that have to be changed to match the new logo - letterhead, business cards, signage, etc.  Even though it was a minor change, I bet it cost a small fortune.  

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