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Have upgraded to WIn 8 Pro from Win 7. I have got UAC enabled,am running as administrator locally (tried as just a users but no better). When app clicked it appears to open, then closes immediately. Pretty fed up!!

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I'm not sure exactly what the issue is, but I feel your pain.  I did a search and found that some other people had similar issues.  I couldn't find a definitive answer, but there was a post on the Windows forums that had some suggestions that might help.  Good luck.


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This article might help.

Fix Windows 8 Start screen Metro apps not working

"After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 I found that the Start screen apps would not work. When they were clicked the screen cleared to the solid colour with the app icon in the middle, but then went straight back to the desktop. No Start screen Metro apps would work and they started and immediately quit. The live tiles weren't live either.

I tried a few different things, but the last one and the one that appeared to fix the problems, was turning off the security software. I was using the latest version of Avast! and right clicked the icon at the right side of the taskbar and selected the option to turn it off for 10 minutes. After switching to the Start screen the apps were all working."

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