Windows 8, seemingly at random, breaks my programs in a manner that they will no longer open.


What I mean by "break" is that they will no longer open from the task bar. When I hover over them on the task bar, it shows a very condensed image of what's currently happening on it, but when I click to maximize, it doesn't maximize.

It has done that to file explorer (yes, the default file explorer), cubic explorer (the thing I downloaded to replace default file explorer when it broke) and now Skype. All of these were programs I use quite often and hindered me in a way.

The only thing I could guess is wrong is that I normally have a lot of different windows open of waterfox, skype, notepad, etc. and swap between them a good bit. I also lock my computer sometimes. Coming back from a locked computer to find a program has broken has happened 2/3 times.

I've tried most of the generic answers that are offered somewhere on the web, but none of them have worked. I've updated my drivers, changed resolutions, ran compatibility, set windows to open maximized, etc. But none of these have worked, any help would be much appreciated.

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I'm not running Windows 8, so I can't help you directly. But here's a link to the Windows 8 support site that might be useful.

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Figures not even 10 minutes after I post this question I find my answer. :/


Anyways, the solution is to hover over the "broken" program on the task bar, (on the small image) go to the top of the program, right click "move" and use arrow keys to bring it back to the center, then it can be maximized..


can't believe it's such an easy fix..


Glad it was so easy. Plus, you might have just saved someone else a headache when they encounter the same thing. 

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