Windows-8 Start grid missing

I recently migrated to windows-8 on my laptop. I suddenly seem to have lost: 1. The Start Grid on the bottom left corner of the screen, and 2. The menu that appears when you drag the mouse to the bottom right of the screen. Please help.

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See this article:

How to get the Start menu back in Windows 8

"Still miss the classic Start menu in Windows 8? Never fear, alternatives are here.
Microsoft lopped off the Start menu in Windows 8 to force people to use the Start screen. And I'll admit it, the Start screen does offers several benefits.

Live Tiles can clue you in to the latest e-mails, appointments, news, and other information. You can easily search for any app, setting, or file just by typing its name.
But I still find the folder-structured Start menu the quickest and easiest way to launch any application when I'm already working in the desktop.

Those of you who'd like the old menu back, at least as an option, can choose from a range of Start menu replacements. Most are free or offer a free version. Many go beyond just replicating the Start menu by letting you customize their look and feel.

Here's a rundown of the latest Windows 8 Start menu replacements that you can take for a spin."

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All the functionality is still there in the Windows 8 start screen, and Microsoft removed the traditional "Start" button on the lower left of the screen.  However, if you really want it back, there are quite a few start menu replacement applications.  The most classic looking of the replacements is Classic Shell.  It's free, customizable, and looks like you just rode the time machine back to 2008.


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I have the same problem - it appears to be a creeping problem. First I lost the All apps (right click on the start grid) and now I just have a blank start grid even after rebooting

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Sadly the answers miss the issue - the Windows 8 Start Grid just disappearing. This is NOT about the look and feel being different to the classic start menu but is about the Windows 8 Start Grid(the new version) just not being stable and always there. In my case The Start Grid might still work but it is the All Apps that does not populate (right click from the Start Grid) 

Rebooting the computer normally gets it all back

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