Would you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 if you didn’t have a touchscreen interface?


The tile interface makes perfect sense for a touchscreen, but I’m using an “old” standard PC with mouse and keyboard. Other than better looks, is there much that someone using a traditional interface will miss out on if they don’t upgrade to Windows 8?

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I would skip the upgrade if I were you, I think Windows 9 and 10 will probably go back to a more traditional interface. Far too many people dislike Windows 8's interface for it to be a coincidence. So be careful if you consider an upgrade. You might want to try it out on somebody else's computer first, to see if you can even stand it. If you find yourself disliking it, then skip this upgrade and see if Microsoft changes Windows in future releases.

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I think so. Functionally, you can certainly get by with Windows 7, heck lots of people are still using XP, but stability and speed improvements still make it worth doing. I know a lot of people complain about the UI on Windows 8, but honestly, I think a lot of that is just because they have become accustomed to Windows looking more or less the same since Windows 95. You will get used to it, and might even like it, Mikey style, after you try it.

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