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Enriched End User Experience Management: Eliminate Business Disruptions, Increase End User Productivity



    When: Wednesday, January 23rd 2013
    Time: 8 AM ET (1 PM GMT) | 11 AM ET (8 AM PT) | 2 PM ET (11 AM PT)

    Are you ready to gain the proactive ability to rapidly respond to end user problems (before they call the help desk)? Then you won't want to miss a special event that will show you the latest innovation in end user experience monitoring. During this 30-minute live webinar attendees will learn:

    * Why complementing your existing APM strategy with EUE monitoring will provide your IT organization with the unique ability to optimize application performance, device performance, and user productivity
    * How to actually ensure your IT organization can monitor real end user experience in physical, virtual, and mobile IT environments
    * How EUE can be leveraged to uniquely address challenges in VDI, Cloud, Mobile, and physical desktop environments for any application (commercial or home-grown), on any device, anywhere, at anytime

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