Oracle equips WebLogic, Coherence for cloud use

WebLogic, Coherence, JDeveloper and other Oracle products can now work seamlessly with the company's new Oracle 12c database

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In addition to also offering full support for Oracle 12c, the new version of Coherence offers a number of new technologies that will help in faster data synchronization.

"A common issue customers deal with [with] any caching technology is what happens when the data is out of date with what is in the back-end database," Lehmann said. Data may become out of sync when an application updates the database independent of Coherence.

The newly released Coherence 12.1.2 now uses Oracle's GoldenGate database backup software to update entries in the cache that have been recently changed in the database. "GoldenGate will send those changes to the cache, so the cache will always be hot," Lehmann said.

Also new with Coherence is a streamlined event processing platform. Coherence has always offered event processing, a technique whereby an alert is sent out whenever a specific piece of data changes within the cache. An alert can be sent to a person, or it could be sent to another machine, which might use the notification as the basis for initiating another process.

Prior versions of Coherence have offered multiple event-processing programming interfaces, which could be a chore for administrators to learn. The new event model is much simpler to deploy, Lehmann said.

In addition to these changes in middleware, Oracle has also updated some of its developer tools to bring them in line with other 12c products. Oracle JDeveloper 12c, Oracle Application Development Framework 12c and Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c all feature support for the Oracle 12c database, improved support for mobile applications and more tools for working with the REST (Representational State Transfer) protocol.

Oracle will go into more details about these product releases in a webcast scheduled for July 31.

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