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Deploying Flash in the Enterprise

White Paper


    Flash is quickly emerging as the preferred way to overcome the nagging performance
    limitations of hard disk drives. However, because flash comes at a significant price premium,
    outright replacement of HDDs with flash only makes sense in situations in which capacity
    requirements are relatively small and performance requirements are high. Deployment
    approaches-including hybrid storage arrays, server flash, and all-flash arrays-that combine
    the performance of flash with the capacity of HDDs can be cost effective for a broad range of
    performance requirements.
    NetApp offers a full range of flash solutions, including server flash, hybrid storage arrays, and
    all-flash arrays. We've done a careful analysis of the cost of each solution at various
    combinations of performance and capacity to help you understand how to choose the best
    solutions to address your storage challenges based on your performance needs (IOPS and
    latency), capacity requirements, working set size (amount of hot data), budget, and data
    protection objectives.

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