Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus is just $10 for qualified email addresses

You can save about 80% on the latest Microsoft Office suite--if you have the right email address

Office Professional Plus 2013 (the advanced suite which adds Microsoft Access and other programs over the Standard Office version) will cost nearly $500. For hundreds less--just $9.95--you can download the entire suite, as long as you have a qualified email address.

As part of its volume licensing program, Microsoft offers corporations and organizations (including universities) discounted versions of its office suite to home users. All you need is a valid email address with the organization participating in this program. Since lots of government agencies, corporations, and schools are part of the volume licensing program, you might be eligible for this heavily discounted software and just not be aware of it.

Office Professional Plus 2013 (Windows), Office Professional Plus 2010 (Windows), and Office Home & Business 2011 (Mac) are available. You can get a backup disc for $13 (plus tax but no shipping).

If you're an alumni or current student with an .edu email address from a participating university, you should be able to get this discount.

Microsoft has offered this program for quite some time, so this is really just a PSA that Office Professional Plus 2013, the most expensive version of Office 2013, is yours for just ten bucks if your organization supports it. The downloadable software varies quite a bit from the Office 365 subscription and Web Apps versions.

Worth a try anyway (with your work or school/alumni email address): Microsoft Home Use Program | via Slickdeals

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