5 top free tools for your Mac

Great software for your Mac needn't cost anything. Here are five great ones for free.

Looking to get the best software for your Mac, and don't want to pay a penny? I've got what you want: Five of the best free downloads you can find.


Forget Quicktime and its myriad issues. You need VLC instead. It will play any video format you've ever heard of, and plenty you've never heard of. But it goes beyond even that, and includes tools for converting between video formats.


Found is one of the great unsung Mac applications, and does exactly what its name iimplies -- it finds files for you. Here's what makes it so great: Not only does it search your Mac, but it also searches cloud-storage services and other cloud services as well, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Gmail, and Evernote. When you're looking to find a needle in the cloud haystack, it's what you need.


Shortcut keys make computing life exceptionally easy. Instead of having to mouse around or hunt and click for the task you want to perform in an application, just press a hotkey keyboard combination, and you've done the job. CheatSheet is a universal shortcut key application. It's got hotkeys for many apps built into it, ready at hand.

The Unarchiver

Mac OS X by itself only goes so far when it comes to being able to open archived and compressed files -- and that's not far enough. If you often download files in different formats, you need this free program, which will open pretty much every file type you'll come across, and even suports foreign characters in archives.


If you're looking for a very good photo editing and management tool, check out Google's free Picasa. Not only does it handle the basics and more of photo editing, but it also does an extremely nifty job of organizing and managing your photos as well. And it syncs with Google's Picasa Web Albums service for cloud-based photo albums.

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