Gamescom 2014 is this week; here's a livestream schedule to help you enjoy it from afar

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If you've noticed the odd video game related news item popping up in mainstream sites, it's probably because Gamescom is happening this week in Cologne, Germany. If you're not familiar with Gamescom, it's Europe's big gaming convention — almost like North America's E3 and PAX rolled into one event. The show officially opens on Wednesday for trade and press, then on Thursday the public is also let in until the show closes on Sunday.

In much the same way as happens at E3, the day before the official start of the show is when companies start holding press conferences. This year Microsoft, Sony, Electronic Arts and Konami are all live-streaming their events. Here's the schedule and where to watch.

Microsoft is today at 8 am ET and can be viewed at, your Xbox console, on Windows Phone (via this app), or on Following the press release Microsoft will keep the content rolling with playthroughs of some of their big holiday titles, so if you're reading this post too late to catch the press conference itself there still may be good stuff to watch on the stream.

Sony is today at 1 pm ET and it can be viewed on Sony's Gamescom hub, via Playstation Home on the PS3, on and on the Sony Playstation Facebook page. Sony says their conference will be streamed in English, Spanish and German.

Electronic Arts is Wednesday at 4 am ET (darn those time zones) and will be streamed on EA's live event site. Let's hope that one is archived for later viewing!

Last up on Wednesday is Konami's hour-long Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain event at 2 pm ET on Konami's channel. also has a Gamescom portal that may have some interesting content. They're just saying "Whether you're interested in gamescom 2014 press conferences, industry events, booth streams, or esports events, you'll find it all right here. Schedules and more information coming soon!" for now.

I'm interested to see what, if any, surprises Microsoft and Sony have in store for us.

Oh one thing that has already happened: That EA Access subscription deal we talked about last month has gone live on the Xbox One. I'll be signing up for it tonight and if there's anything interesting to say about it (good or bad), I'll do a follow up post.

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