The best (and worst) states for internet speed

We all want fast internet. Where you live makes quite a difference.

As someone who works from home, I have a lot of flexibility about where to live and work. Fast internet speed is one of the most crucial factors for web workers like me. (Or, for leisure, just about everyone else.)

We've recently seen the best and worst cities for remote workers. Often, however, the places with the lowest cost of living tend to have less reliable, slower internet connections.

This map of average internet speeds, posted on Betanews and Lifehacker from Akamai, reveals the speed results by state. The dark green ones have the fastest speeds, the red ones the slowest.

internet speeds by state

Virginia has the fastest internet service in the country, probably because of Google Fiber. (Google, when are you going to roll out across the country?)

Of course, these are just averages for each state; your mileage may vary based on your metropolitan area. 

How's the internet speed in your area?

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