Disney World adds video capture to Tower of Terror ride

Share that terrifying ride with friends or family via video

Go on any exciting amusement park ride these days, and chances are you’ll be able to buy a photo of “your experience” at the end of the ride. It’s basically a way for the park to make some more money, especially if you or a family member have had a particularly humorous (or scared) reaction to such ride. These are usually done with the flume log ride right at the point the drop begins, or during a particularly scary moment in the roller coaster ride.


Photo credit: Jonathan Lin/Flickr

The folks at Disney have now added a video component to this practice at their “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” ride at Disney World. The park’s PhotoPass Service will now enable guests wearing a MagicBand and “active Memory Maker entitlement” to receive a video of their 13-story drop. The video is automatically connected to a guest’s “My Disney Experience” account, and you can share the video with friends and family associated with the account.

This promotional video from Disney shows you what it may be like:

I'll admit, the first time I bought one of these types of photos was when my wife and I rode the Tower of Terror ride more than 10 years ago - not because of our reactions, but because of the five or six other awesome reactions from other guests during our ride. We've since purchased more of these photos when we've gone on rides with our children, but the video component adds another cool aspect to this. Especially if you get a really good crowd of scared folks riding alongside you. [Via DisneyParks blog]

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