5 free tools for downloading YouTube and other videos

Here's how to grab videos from YouTube

Want to download videos and music from YouTube and other video sites? You're in luck -- I've got five very good free ones, every one of them free. Note that all of them are for Windows.

Free YouTube Downloader

This little app does exactly what it says -- lets you simply and easily download videos. Downloading and saving is straightforward, and there's useful online help, as well as a forum devoted to answering questions.

YouTube Music Downloader

Do you use YouTube to listen to music? Then you'll want this free application. It supports all YouTube-supported audio formats. and not only does it make it easy to download music from YouTube, but you get to choose options such as audio quality. And if you want, you can download the entire video, not just the music.

aTube Catcher

This lets you download videos not just from YouTube, but from many other sites as well. There's plenty more, including burning to DVD and Blu-Ray.

MP3 Rocket

If you want to download only legally available music from YouTube, this is the one for you. It filters out any copyright-violating music, then downloads what you want and converts it to MP3.


This isn't a video download, but instead a great free tool for converting videos between formats. That way, when you've got a downloaded video, you can convert it to any format you want for any purpose.

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