Turn, cough and verify your identity [CARTOON]

In the wake of recent security breaches of medical databases, doctors can’t be too careful

A cartoon of a man standing in his underwear, while his doctor is about to administer a hernia check. The doctor says, 'OK, now turn your head, cough and tell me your mother's maiden name.'Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
Just breathe deeply...

We learned this week that Chinese hackers recently stole data on 4.5 million patients from Community Health Systems, which was just one of many incidents of data stolen from (or lost by) U.S. medical establishments this year. Why would hackers be interested in people’s personal medical data? One theory is that there’s a market for such information, presumably people without medical insurance who could benefit from assuming someone else’s identity - and insurance. Who knows if that’s really true, but, just to be safe, maybe doctors should double check that you are who you say you are. You can't be too careful these days...

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