Search your favorite sites much more easily with a right-click

Turn sites into search engines with this Chrome option

Your favorite sites already have a search box, but what if you can Google them from anywhere else on the web? For example, start typing in "" and then hit the tab key to search for images on Flickr, regardless of the page you're actually on? Chrome has a quick right-click mechanism to turn sites into search engines so you can do just that.

You can search sites directly by typing in (or other domain) and then your search phrase, but that's more typing than is necessary. Another option is to right-click on the Chrome omnibox and go to "Edit search engines..." but that also takes more work than necessary.

Instead, if the site has a search box, right-click on it and choose "Add as a search engine..."

Chrome add search engine

In the following window, add a keyword for your site-specific search (e.g., "cworld") and then you just have to type that keyword into the omnibox in Chrome and hit tab to start searching the site.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work for all sites (ITworld included), but for the ones it does, it's quite a time saver.

[via Wired and Lifehacker]

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