Get Office 365 Home for $64, almost 50 percent off

That's about $5 a month for the office suite and 1TB of online storage for a year

Even if you don't use Microsoft Office, an Office 365 subscription can still be a great deal if only for the 1 TB of online syncing and storage space on OneDrive. There's a way you can get it even cheaper than the normally $9.99 a month subscription for Office 365 Home, which is good for 5 users--and even cheaper than the monthly cost of the individual $6.99 a month Personal subscription.

Buy a 1-year subscription keycard, currently $63.99 on Amazon. The keycard--for PCs or Macs--will be mailed to you and then you can enter the code into your Microsoft Account and begin the download for the Office software. 

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At $64 for a year, we're looking at $5.33 per month of 1 TB storage and the office software, compared to $9.99 a month for 1 TB storage alone on Dropbox or Google Drive. Nearly 1/2 the price.

On the flipside, Dropbox excels in quick, reliable syncing and OneDrive still struggles in that area. At these prices, though, you might use your free Dropbox account solely for WIP files you need synced across devices and your OneDrive to back up the massive amounts of photos and other types of files for safe keeping.

There are only 17 left in stock, though, (I took the 18th) on Amazon as of this writing, although other third-party vendors are offering the keycard for the same price with free shipping.

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