Apple reportedly going big with 12.9" iPad

Credit: Source: Apple Store

September 9th is fast approaching and with it the still-not-officially announced Apple event. That means the Apple rumor mill is churning away. We've already heard the rumors about larger iPhones, now comes word of a larger iPad, too.

Bloomberg is the source this time. They say Apple is planning a 12.9" iPad to be introduced early in 2015.

Assuming that date is accurate this new iPad probably won't get mentioned in September; Apple doesn't usually announce products so far in advance. That in turn suggests that we'll have a dedicated iPad event sometime this winter, so September 9th might be fully devoted to the iPhone.

But back to this 13" iPad. Why would Apple go in this direction after introducing the iPad Mini? The Mini was introduced because 7" Android tablets were eating into Apple's marketshare. So why go bigger now?

Bloomberg says it's for the enterprise market. I keep thinking of that Microsoft ad that compares the Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air. I'm guessing that Apple will aim this new iPad right at the Surface Pro 3. It'll be marketed alongside some kind of keyboard cover and frequently featured in a laptop-like configuration.

The 10" iPad makes a passable laptop-replacement when coupled with something like Logitech's iPad Keyboard Cover but it does feel a little bit cramped. A 13" iPad with an Apple-produced keyboard cover might be just the ticket to ensure that Microsoft doesn't take any kind of a significant bite out of the Apple tablet marketshare.

That's my guess anyway. What do you think? Why would you want a larger iPad?

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