These tech companies have the best culture

Technology companies make up almost half of the businesses ranked highest by their employees for culture and values in a new survey

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A good company culture can be just as important to employees as salary or good office snacks

One of the hallmarks of technology companies these days are the perks and benefits they offer to their employees. Since technology workers are in high demand and generally short supply, companies will often bend over backwards to entice workers to join them, by offering high salaries, fun offices and good food. 

But another aspect that can appeal to workers is the overall corporate culture and values. Aside from the foosball tables and gourmet coffee, potential employees would like to know if the company is supportive of its workers in other ways, like when a family emergency occurs? Will your new coworkers have your back? Does the company actively support worthy causes? Company culture and values can really count for a lot in how an employee feels about working there. When it comes to tech companies, which ones offer the best culture to their workers?

We now have some data to help that question, thanks to a new report released this week by job site GlassDoor. GlassDoor allows employees to (anonymously) rate their current or past employers based on a number of things such as compensation and benefits, career opportunities and company culture. Based on feedback gathered from July, 2013 through this past July, they’ve identified the top 25 companies for culture and values (minimum 100 reviews). Twitter took the overall top spot, with a number of other tech companies making the list. Here they are, along with some quotes about the culture from reviewers:

Check out the report on GlassDoor for the full list. I find it a great site for this kind of information about companies. Be aware that you’ll have to register with the site to get access to reviews, but it’s worth it if you want to find out more about a prospective employer. Have at it!

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