IT and marketing mix well for beverage maker

The CIO at Brown-Forman, a wine and sprits maker, says that IT and marketing find they have lots to learn from each other. 

Digital marketing is relatively new in the beverage alcohol industry. It was once a tiny percentage of the marketing budget, but some brands -- ike our Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey -- now rely heavily on the digital aspect of ad campaigns.

Because we have a lot of digital natives on our teams, our IT organization has a solid awareness of how consumers interact with our brands in the digital space and can provide meaningful insights to our marketers.

Turning to Tech to Understand Customers

While we're not equipped to teach our marketers how to market, we can help them understand technology, the technographic behavior of consumers, and where our messaging should appear. When you ask a digital native how they interact with brands, you get a very different answer today than our marketers would have expected just a few years ago.

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This story, "IT and marketing mix well for beverage maker" was originally published by CIO.

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