Report: Apple's wearable also coming on September 9th

Credit: Source: Thomas Bogner

Of course we couldn't stop at just one Apple rumor this week! In fact I expect them to keep coming as we get closer to this September 9th event that everyone assumes is happening.

We've already established (and I use that word loosely; this is all based on rumors) that this event is going to focus on two new models of the iPhone and probably not the iPad (since we're hearing a new iPad is coming in early 2015). The new piece of the puzzle is the iWatch, or whatever Apple calls its expected wearable device.

Re/Code is behind this one and their track record is pretty good, plus of course Apple has already shown HealthKit back at WWDC. Having some device you wear on your wrist is pretty standard for health-tracking these days, so rolling out an iWatch with iOS 8 makes sense.

The debut of the iWatch also feels overdue. The cool mock-up embedded at the top of this post was done by Thomas Bogner almost a year ago (and I urge you to click through to see it in all its glory).

My biggest worry is about the price. I bought a new LG Android phone recently and LG makes a smartwatch that pairs nicely with it. I was mildly curious about replacing my Fitbit with a smartwatch until I saw the price tag: $249. And that was an LG device. If Apple is bringing out something similar, prepare for sticker shock. Any guesses? I'm going with $349.

Re/Code speculates that the iWatch won't be just about health but that it will pair with HomeKit too, so you can turn on your living room floor lamp with your Apple smartwatch. I guess that's cool but how hard is it to whip out your phone to do the same thing? Or, heaven forbid, walk over and turn the switch.

The one thing we can be certain of is that if Apple builds it, the faithful will buy it, and in the long run that's a good thing. I feel like we've been talking about wearables and smartwatches for a long time without either really gaining a lot of traction. Apple could bring these devices into the mainstream which will lead to competition and lowered prices for all of us. Soon enough we'll enter an era where no lamp need ever be touched.

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