Apple takes on Levi’s [CARTOON]

The new, bigger iPhones may impact your wardrobe

Cartoon showing Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage. Behind him is a screen with the words, 'One more thing...' He's holding up a pair of pants with oversized front pockets with the Apple logo on them. He says, '.. if you want to carry your new iPhone 6 Plus phone in your pocket, you'll need a pair of our new Apple Pants!'Image credit: ITworld/Phil Johnson
How did Apple not think of this?

As you know, Apple finally announced the iPhone 6 this week and, as we all expected, it comes with a bigger 4.7 inch screen. If that’s not big enough for you, they also announced the iPhone 6 Plus which comes with a whopping 5.5 inch screen. Given that everybody seems jazzed up to run out and get a bigger iPhone now, I’m thinking that Apple missed out on a chance to cash in further on these bigger phones by designing a line of pants with pockets big enough to hold them. It seems so unlike them to miss out on an opportunity like that. Whatever. I’m sure they’ll still make a nice profit.

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