The Moto 360 is here and it's as I feared

Less than 1 day battery life - wonk wonk

I’ve said it all along that battery life was going to make or break this smart watch. Now that the Moto 360 is finally here, my fears have been confirmed.

At the absurd hour of 1am CST, Motorola officially unveiled the Moto 360. It will go on sale today, 9/5/2014, at 12PM EST for $249. With the unveiling came the release of a slew of reviews that had been embargoed until today. And they all come to the same conclusion - the battery life is horrible.

In one of the best real-world reviews, Joanna Stern at WSJ recounts how she needed to charge the watch twice per day, usually running out of juice by 4pm. That is a travesty, even for smart watches. That means if you’re going somewhere for more than 8 hours, it’s likely that you won’t be able to check the time on your watch. That makes the 360 something other than a watch because a watch can tell you the time. Even though it does the best job at pretending to be one.

The worst part is that, aside from the notch missing at the bottom of the round display, everyone loves this device. The software could use a little more refining for sure, but that will come. The battery life problem alone makes this nothing more than a neat toy, not something you can actually use or rely on daily.

The strides that Motorola has made in smartwatch design and technology are groundbreaking in the space. We may look back on this device as the first real step in the direction toward great wearables. For now though, it’s crippled by the slow progress in battery technology. I think these are going to sell because they’re great looking and exciting, but I think that excitement is going to be short lived once owned. I’d recommend waiting to see what Apple has come up with next week, although if you’re an Android user it won’t really matter for you.

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