Find a job using Google Alerts

Set up alerts to have job opportunities delivered to your inbox

Google Alerts are great for keeping up with trends and topics that matter to you in your professional and personal lives. One thing use you might not have thought of for Google Alerts--at least, I didn't think of it--was to set up alerts for new job opportunities.

This is probably most fitting for freelancers and people in the midst of a job hunt, but it doesn't hurt to always know what's out there.

To get set up, go to Enter your search terms (e.g., "marketing director wanted" or "Java programmer job") and specify how often and how you want to be alerted. Like so:

Google Alerts for jobs

You'll have to play around with the phrasing, depending on your field, but you can get pretty specific (e.g., "hiring Java developers medical apps") or less specific. Since Google lets you have up to 1,000 alerts, try to cover all the search terms that would relate to your job.

Just a quick and easy way to find new work!

[h/t Freelance Writing Gigs

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