How to safely update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8

This flowchart shows your update options for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad

Along with other shiny new things, Apple today talked about iOS 8, its next generation mobile OS, coming on September 17. Thinking of upgrading to iOS 8? Here are your options.

As with previous iOS updates, older iDevices aren't supported, which means you'll need a newer phone or tablet (like, ahem, the iPhone 6 just announced) if you want to take advantage of iOS 8's nicest features, like third-party keyboards and better Mac-and-iOS connectivity.

You'll be able to update via either iTunes or wirelessly, but if you're doing the latter, the graphic highlights important "before you upgrade" things you'll need to take care of first:

Uprage to iOS 8

The graphic comes from Wondershare, which also reminds us that before selling your old iPhone, you should completely destroy all of your personal data on it.

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