Silly phablets, pockets are for regular phones

When I first relocated from the Silicon Valley to Orange County, I noticed an odd trend among the kids down here, especially the girls: they carried their pricey smartphone (usually an iPhone) in their back pocket. That's a great way to get robbed or have it break when you sit down.

Perhaps because the 4S and prior generations were so puny they weren't at as much risk, because reports are surfacing on MacRumors from owners of the iPhone 6 Plus, the 5.5-inch device, that the phablet is bent when left in one's pocket too long.

One user named "hanzoh" posted to the MacRumors forum that he left his iPhone 6 Plus in the front pocket of his suit pants during a four-hour drive to a wedding, kept the phablet in his pocket as he sat during dinner, while he was dancing, and on the four-hour drive home. When he got home, the device had a nice bend to it. Another user reported the same issue.

This isn't too surprising, since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are just 7.1 mm thick and made of very thin and light material. Eighteen hours in one's pocket will cause that bend. It wasn't like a hard jolt, just the device under constant tension slowly bending it out of shape.

To prove a point, BGR recently posted an article on a test showing how easy it is to bend an iPhone 6. Bottom line: it's real easy to bend it.

Last year, Cult Of Mac had stories of the iPhone 5 and 5S also getting bent in people's pockets, and it was a thicker phone than the iPhone 6. So the news isn't surprising.

This is likely to turn into a Nelson from The Simpsons "Ha ha!" moment for Samsung, because I've not found any reports of Galaxy S5s bending in people's pockets, although there were a few complaints about the S4 being damaged.

And yes, just one day after recounting my Journey of Fail to find an iPhone 6, I scored one at Best Buy. It is a thing of beauty and I can't wait to encase it in a solid, sturdy Mophie battery case.

My experience thus far has been fine, but other folks aren't so lucky. iOS 8 is apparently proving to be something of a mess. First up is a study from Crittercism, which found apps crash 78% more frequently on iOS 8 than on iOS 7. Crittercism (what a name) said it analyzed data from more than 1 billion monthly active mobile users.

It's not like iOS is Windows Vista. Crittercism told BGR that the crash rate on iOS 8 was 3.56%, compared to 2% on iOS 7.1, and the company added that older devices are worse offenders than newer ones. As of September 22, apps crashed 3.57% of the time on the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s, even though the iPhone 4 doesn’t run iOS 8. In that same time period, iPhone 6 apps crashed 2.63% of the time and iPhone 6 Plus apps crashed 2.11% of the time.

Users are complaining on Apple forums they are having Wi-Fi and battery problems, and there are some complaints of application slowness, although that seems par for the course for every iOS update. There are reports of an upcoming 8.0.1 release, so hopefully they are on top of the issues.

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