AT&T U-Verse offers cheap Internet/HBO bundle with Amazon Prime included

Source: AT&T

If you hate your cable company but love HBO and Amazon, AT&T has a deal custom-designed to entice you to switch Internet providers.

$39/month (though that price is qualified with 'starting at') gets you AT&T U-Verse Internet service, basic U-verse TV service, HBO (including HBO Go) and a year Amazon Prime (currently valued at $99) which of course includes Amazon Instant Streaming. You do have to accept a one year contract, pay a $99 installation fee and there's a $180 early termination fee. Finally the deal is for one year only. After that regular rates apply.

AT&T U-Verse speeds seem to vary with location, but AT&T says 'up to 45 Mbps' may be available in some areas. It looks like 18 Mbps is more common, with the company offering an $89/month TV & Internet deal that includes 18 Mbps service and a $59/month version of the same basic deal with 6 Mbps service.

The $39/month Amazon/HBO deal includes the 18 Mbps service so 'regular rates' that kick in after the first year will probably be $89/month plus whatever they charge for HBO (usually $12-$15/month).

The deal runs until December 13th, 2014 and is only available through

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