Amazon deal doesn't stop from adding Chromecast support

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It's been a few weeks since Amazon announced that it was buying, arguably the number one place to watch people play games.

Granted the deal isn't finalized yet, but so far it seems to be business as usual for Twitch; if Amazon is influencing Twitch's direction it isn't evident to end users yet. In fact yesterday Twitch got Chromecast support which I take as a positive sign. I can certainly visualize a world where Amazon might want to nudge people towards their Fire TV, rather than Google's Chromecast, for their Twitch streaming and I'm glad that so far at least, that isn't the world we're living in.

Chromecast is supported on the Twitch website as well as their Android and iOS apps. In Chrome you could cast a Twitch tab and them maximize the video prior to this update, but this makes things a little easier, and it's a great bonus for Twitch app users.

Hey Twitch, how about a Roku channel next? Roku recently announced they've sold 10 million streamers. That's a pretty sizable audience you're leaving out in the cold.

But back to the Chromecast; if watching people play games isn't your thing, there are a few other services that just got casting support. Disney (specifically WATCH Disney, WATCH Disney Junior and WATCH Disney XD), iHeartRadio and DramaFever all joined the Google Chromecast party. You can check out the Chrome blog for more details.

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