The ROI of online training: Upgrade your skills, earn higher pay

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Training is an investment, and building and sharpening an IT team's skill set is critical to the well-being of every enterprise. The good news is that there are lots of options out there, from expensive in-person seminars and trade shows to online classes. The bad news is that there are lots of options out there. Finding the right mix of training for your team isn't a simple undertaking. You must map out the goals, put a budget together and sell it to management — and that's just the beginning. This special report focuses on the ROI of online training, whether it's to learn a new skill, brush up on a new software version or obtain a professional certification. We asked readers to share their best tips on how to maximize training dollars and get the most out self-directed learning. Here’s what they said.

What you'll find in this special report:

ROI of online training

Tips on how to justify a program to corporate decision-makers

Putting online training through its paces

Advice on how to research and evaluate a training program

Certification payoff

How to pick the programs that can offer the biggest return

Learning style

How to create a program that best suits your team’s needs

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