Report: Apple announcing new iPads at October event

Credit: Source: Apple

So iOS 8 came out yesterday. Any of my readers install it yet? I'm waiting for the dust to settle before I update my iPad. I'm not very brave when it comes to updating that thing.

Speaking of iPads, a few weeks back we talked about a rumor that said Apple was working on a 12.9" version of its tablet. The rumors said it was due in early 2015, and from that date we predicted the September 9th event was going to be dedicated to the iPhone and wearables. So far so good.

Given that 2015 date I didn't expect to hear from Apple again until November or December, but I may have gotten that wrong. Yesterday multiple sources (AppleInsider, Bloomberg) reported that Apple is going to hold an iPad event in October, and Daily Dot got specific and said October 21st.

It isn't clear if that new iPad will be at this event; it sounds like the focus will be on new models of the existing iPad and iPad Mini; models with the new A8 chip inside and fingerprint sensors on the outside. The expectation is that these new models will be targeted at this holiday season so expect a launch soon after the event. (Apple will want to have them on-sale well before Black Friday.)

If the 12.9" model is in fact being aimed at the corporate sector, it may wind up with an event all its own, or combined with a new MacBook Air. AppleInsider has heard rumors that the new Air has slipped to 2015 so the timing works there.

Last year Apple announced new iPads in October which gives these new rumors some legitimacy. Add to that the face that the September 9th date was leaked well in advance and October 21st (which is a Tuesday, Apple's go-to weekday for events) sounds quite believable as a date.

What can Apple do to tempt you to upgrade to a new iPad? I have a 3rd gen iPad which, frankly, still works great. Maybe Tim Cook needs to talk to the engineering team about planned obsolescence!

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