How to free up more space on your iPhone or iPad to upgrade to iOS 8

iOS 8 requires almost 6 GB of storage?!

iOS 8 is here, but if you don't have enough free storage to install it, you're going to need to do some massive cleanup. The update requires as much as 5.7GB of extra space (depending on your phone model), which is a good chunk of, say, the 16GB iDevice models.

Luckily, the Wall Street Journal has practical suggestions for where to start with your cleanup. You might be able to update your device even if its memory is full by conecting it to a computer and iTunes (rather than updating directly on the iPhone or iPad). 

And then the usual tricks apply: Delete photos and videos--typical space hogs--and large apps you no longer use. Even deleting iMessage threads (particularly those with photos and videos) will help.

The good thing is that much of the iOS 8 installation storage requirement is temporary, so even if you delete large apps (e.g., games or maps), after the upgrade you can reinstall them. WSJ notes, however, that you should be careful about deleting games that aren't cloud-connected, lest you lose all your progress!

Be sure to back up all your data before you do the upgrade as well!

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